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Why should I join Cyberia?

Because it’s simple,
Your Cyberia reseller is around the corner.
   Cyberia services are available at resellers everywhere in Lebanon.
   Call HIBRI Computer Services at (01) 377953 or Call Cyberia at (01) 355156 to find a reseller near you.

Your account is instantly activated.
   There is no paperwork and no waiting. Everything you need to immediately
   activate your account is included in Cyberia’s easy to use Internet Starter Kit.

You choose a payment method that meets your needs.
   We don’t require a bank withdrawal agreement.

You only pay for services you use.
   At Cyberia you can pay as you go.
You manage your account from Cyberia’s home page.
   Review your account status, change your account type, change your password,
   and add money to your account without ever having to leave your desk.

You get fast web browsing everywhere in Lebanon.
   Whether you live in Beirut, Jounieh, Saida, Tripoli, Zahle or elsewhere in Lebanon,
   we offer you fast 33,600 bps access via the largest number of telephone lines in your area
   and we are continuously adding capacity so you can always find a line to connect to.

You get first class support.
   We consider it our duty to help you with any question you have.

and affordable.

   You get the lowest prices.
   You get free licensed Microsoft software with every account.
   You get 1 MB of free international mirrored web space.
What do I need to get connected?
    Connecting to Cyberia is simple, all you need is:
  Any PC running any version of Windows, or a Mac.
  We recommend an external high quality 33,600 bps modem.
Cyberia’s ISK
  Cyberia’s Internet Starter Kit (ISK) contains all the software you need to get connected including
     a custom edition of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer made for Cyberia’s users and an Internet Account
     with 15 free hours of Internet access.

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Where do I get everything I need to get connected?
Cyberia’s resellers
Our resellers have everything you need to get connected to the Internet. To find a reseller near you,
      just look for a Cyberia "Authorized Reseller" light box on any street or call Cyberia at (01) 355165.
Cyberia’s technicians
      For $25, a Cyberia or an HCS technician will bring the required software, hardware and perform the necessary
      installation, configuration and account activation. To schedule an installation, call HIBRI Computer Services at (01) 377952 or Cyberia at (01) 355165.

How much will Internet cost me?
   To join Cyberia you simply buy Cyberia’s Internet Starter Kit for $25. It includes all the software you need,
   an Internet account with an e-mail address, and 15 free hours of access. When you run out of free hours you
   choose from a variety of account types:
Account Type Monthly charge Free hours Additional hours
Pas As You Go free 0 hr $4/hr
Subscription #1 $10 7 hrs $3/hr
Subscription #2 $20 20 hrs $2/hr
Unlimited day $1599 8 am to 8 pm $4/hr
Unlimited night $1599 8 pm to 8 am $4/hr
Unlimited $29 unlimited free
All accounts includes the following:

-One e-mail address.
  -Free customer support.
  -Full access to everything on the Internet including www, e-mail, FTP, IRC, and newsgroups.
  -1 MB of free international mirrored web space.
How Can I Pay?
Cyber Credits:

    This is a convenient and simple method for adding money to your Internet account from our home page.
    You     buy Cyber Credit from any Cyberia Reseller and you follow the enclosed instruction to add the $20
    to your account. When you use our services, we draw the amount due from these Cyber Credit. When your
    Cyber Credits reach Zero our server automatically denies you access. To help you avoid this inconvenience,
    we offer online account management so you can monitor your Cyber Credits from the convenience of your
    desk.Automatic Withdrawal Agreement: Full out a Cyberia Automatic Bank or Credit Card Withdrawal
    Agreement and the monthly amounts due will be conveniently drawn out of your account. To choose this
     payment method, call HIBRI Computer Services at (01) 377952 or Cyberia at (01) 355156.

Note: if you are a Pay As You Go user and you do not use our services
    during a given period of time, you will not be charged.
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All the above internet services are found at HIBRI Computer Services

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Offices : Mar Ellias Main Road , Near RED SHOE , Byblos Bank Building 3rd Flour .
Tel (01) 311 607 , (03) 811 805, E-mail .
Showroom : Zarif, Rashid Nakhleh St . In between Al-Atiba Hospital and Speza Supermarket.
Tel : (01)377952 (01)377953 (03)835876, Fax : (01) 378308 E-mail : .

Warehouse : Mazraa St. near Al-Khalia Al Saoudia