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HCS, HIBRI Computer Services, a specialized computer company that deals with hardware, software, internet, peripherals,  computer training, web design and hosting, maintanance, consulting and all computer related services.
HCS, became as of March '98, Sole Distributor & Authorized Service Center for EQUINOXE Computer Technologies - USA with official Training Certificates from EQUINOXE San Francisco and Washington D.C. HCS, is also Authorized Dealer for COMPAQ computers and palmtops, EPSON printers, TOSHIBA notebooks, as well as dealer for HP,MGE, APC, ProView, Creative, ATI...
As of early 98 HCS became an Intel Product Integrator (IPI) and is offering the Intel Boxed Products.
We also offer Mircrosoft Original Boxed Software as well as Microsoft Original Peripherals, as HCS is an appointed Microsoft OEM System Builder.
HCS, proudly assembled computers in Lebanon by a group of Professionals, using superior expensive genuine hardware such as: Intel processors & Intel  motherboards, 100/66 DIMM RAM (USA or Japan), Creative Multimedia Kits, Seagate & Western Digital HDD... where the computer is tested thoroughly.
We have established good channels with customers, in various domains, such as: Indonesian Embassy Beirut, SAMCO, Indonesian Embassy Damascus, Syndicate of Bank Employees, ZABAT, KAM, NADA Shipping Co, NISSHO IWAI Corporation, ZUBLIN, Bank Beirut pour le Commerce, SUMITOMO Corporation, College ELITE, ALIG... and many more, not to mention households. Our customers are all satisfied, because We Serve.
HCS is also a place where you can find original CD-ROM Titles English,French and Arabic, for entertainment and education, in addition to Fast multimedia Kits, and all other related computer products. We also upgrade computers and buy most of your old changed parts.

HCS, usually participating in all major computer expo. and other events such as:   'Souk we Shour' Summerland 1997, 'Compex97', 'Termium 97', Compex98', 'Businessmen needs' 1998.

HCS Customers are KINGS.
Join us and become one.

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Offices : Mar Ellias Main Road , Near RED SHOE , Byblos Bank Building 3rd Flour .
Tel (01) 311 607 , (03) 811 805, E-mail
sales@hcs.com.lb .
Showroom : Zarif, Rashid Nakhleh St . In between Al-Atiba Hospital and Speza Supermarket.
Tel : (01)377952 (01)377953 (03)835876, Fax : (01) 378308 E-mail :
support@hcs.com.lb .

Warehouse : Mazraa St. near Al-Khalia Al Saoudia